Expose the Counterfeit

Some may wonder why I am so passionate in my preaching/comments critiquing the “pop preaching” of the day, why I feel so strongly about the self-help, feel-good, seven-steps-to-a-holier you nonsense that fills our airwaves and bookshelves. It’s because this ridiculousness clouds reality. If I sound like I’m pro-suffering or pro-poverty, it’s only because I’m pro-Gospel, which often uses suffering and poverty to bring life’s greatest blessing: union with our Maker. There is a very real, very personal God who also happens to be transcendent. Does he not deserve to presented in the fullest, most perfect ways we know how? Shouldn’t we fight for a revelation of the Divine that isn’t steeped in American culture (or religious culture for that matter!)? Unsurprisingly, Karl Barth says it best:

It is evident that, just as genuine coins are open to suspicion as long as false coins are in circulation, so the perception which proceeds outwards from God cannot have free course until the arrogance of religion be done away.


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