Why His Presence Matters…

I’m in the middle of a series here at the Oasis that I’ve dubbed “Hosting His Presence.” Is it a blatant rip off of Bill Johnson? I prefer to think of it as “inspiration.” In all seriousness, ever since my good friend (and Oasis overseer) Randall Worley shared this concept with me, I’ve not been able to shake it. We were created to host the Divine! Obviously, there are many reasons for this, or should I say, this reality has many implications, not the least of which is the effect that HIS presence has on me directly. This is why I appreciated this quote from Jonathan Edwards:

One new discovery of the glory of Christ’s face, will do more toward scattering clouds of darkness in one minute, than examining old experience, by the best marks that can be given, through a whole year.

— Jonathan Edwards, quoted by Jared C. Wilson inGospel Wakefulness(Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway Books, 2011), 79


Be encouraged today – he wants to show you his glory!


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