Mozart and Vince Gill

I really enjoyed Douglas Wilson’s recent post which offers a clear-headed approach to critiquing music (click here to read the article). As a person who grew up in Pentecostal-fundamentalism, I experienced some very odd and, at times, exasperating talks about the nature and role of music. Something always felt wrong about what I was hearing, but as we all know, our “feelers” aren’t always reliable. It was when I came across some biographical information on Francis Schaeffer that I acquired a sense of confirmation – my sensibilities about music may not have been unfounded. The very much theologically-conservative Dr. Schaeffer was famous for engaging and appreciating various aspects of the arts and culture, and this was in the days when Elvis and the Beatles were pure evil! Schaeffer’s ministry revealed an understanding that our artists and musicians are not the enemy and the work is not merely to be examined forensically – they are children of God, made in his image, struggling to walk-out their divine purpose apart from their Maker.

This is not to say that art is to be consumed indiscriminately, and I think Doug Wilson helps us understand how to be better discriminators, but I am suggesting that we embrace the idea that God’s world is bigger than the church house…

Mozart and Vince Gill.


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