Human Flourishing

I am opposed to the idea that political activity can function as a primary agent for social and cultural renewal. At the same time, I do believe that in his life, death, and resurrection Jesus introduced something that absolutely transcended religion – he revealed “the Way.” This “Way” was/is a movement. It is the expression of the abundant life Jesus promised (more than a means to it). It is the beginning of eternal life, here and now. It is also a matter of the kingdom of heaven invading the kingdoms of this world. So then, it would stand to reason that “the Way” should effect politics somehow, no? Well yes, but the Kingdom is NOT expanding by means of a Moral Majority or the Democratic Party. Accordingly, I really like the insights offered by Miroslav Volf in this short clip…


One thought on “Human Flourishing

  1. Frank says:

    Enjoyed that…especially the way it was explained how we, as Christians, engage the world on the basis of faith. We insert ourselves…either by being idle (withdrawal) or by a violent ‘cursivus’ approach. Seems percisely accurate in many/most cases. I recall a past blog you published regarding balance vs. fullness.

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