Redeeming Monday

A while back I preached a message with this title (“Redeeming Monday”), and it was born from a desire for the saints to step into their Kingdom purpose and function. The Church is justified, sanctified, and gifted for the express purpose of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth, so that HIS will is done here as it is in the heavenly dimension. The moment this grace-birthed reality ceases to be big, broad, and far-reaching is the moment we either lose interest in the spiritual dimension of reality or we lose compassion for our community. In essence, the notion that the scores of hours we spend each week “in the marketplace” are incidental would seemingly demand that we add “ministry” to the mix. It’s no coincidence that many believers end up doing little or nothing at all for the Kingdom – who has the time and the energy for that?

However, if your time in the marketplace IS a viable and integral facet of Kingdom ministry, both work and ministry take on new life! Two disclaimers:

1.) this is not license to neglect the serving and ministering to the family of God, and

2.) I am not advocating crass, abrasive, and impersonal “witnessing” techniques on the job (especially if the boss forbids it!)

Consider the premise of this article from Mark Russell:

 When it comes to meaning and purpose in life, people of faith, regardless of their faith, tend to look for it in cathedrals, churches, temples, mosques or wherever their community of faith gathers. What they listen to and learn there becomes their spiritual world. There is one glaring problem with this approach, however.  Namely, the amount of time people spend in their place of faith compared to where they spend the rest of their lives.

You can read the whole article here.


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