Brokenness Begets Breakthrough

Enjoy this guest post from Bill Dandreano…

As much as we may not enjoy the reading of genealogies, we would do well to work through them, as they tell us the story of salvation and reveal to us the nature of God. For instance, when we discover that Judah begot Perez in Genesis 46, the meanings of their names reveals that “praise” begets “breakthrough.” And as we read the story of Judah and Tamar in Genesis 38, we learn that Judah/praise will beget breakthrough after it grows up into maturity. The basic revelation here is that the origin of breakthrough is praise. If there is no praise, there is no breakthrough.

Going back further into the story, we see that Jacob begot Judah. More importantly, Leah gave birth to Judah. Perez has his origin in Judah, and Judah has his origin in Leah. Here is a woman whose name means “weary,” who was broken, despised, rejected, ugly, forgotten and hurt. She was trying to manufacture her own salvation by having babies so Jacob would love her. She was manipulating life to get the security her heart so greatly idolized. In other words, she was trying to do for herself what only God could do. Then, in the broken nature of her life and sin, she decided she is done playing God. She gave it all up to him and decided to praise him instead of glorifying herself. She let go of all outcomes and gave God the glory.

When weary Leah stopped controlling her own life and placed that fractured, tired life into God’s hands, she found rest in her loving Creator and she gave birth to a praise (Judah) that would lead to a breakthrough. Perez has his origin in Judah, and Judah has his origin in Leah. Breakthrough has its origin in praise and praise has its origin in brokenness.


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