Let this be our commitment…

If you are a new creation, you are also an ambassador!  This is a unique post with unique responsibilities.  On the one hand, it is a position of power and authority.  On the other hand, this power and authority is delegated and therefore must be used consistently with the original authority being represented.  We must be immersed in both the purposes and the Person of Jesus Christ if we are to have any hope of RE-presenting him to the world accurately.  An ambassador with a vague knowledge of his government’s policies will probably do more harm than good.  In the same way, many Christians have wrought havoc in the earth due to similar ignorance.

Let us be committed to loving Christ, realizing that this is the context for knowing Christ.  And knowing Christ deeply is the foundation for representing him and his Kingdom authentically.  And this is a good opportunity to mention a word of caution: presuming that you either know or love Christ sufficiently is a sure sign that you, in fact, do not.  He is a treasure of wisdom too rich to expend.  A well of life too deep to plumb. Let us commit to loving him as basis for knowing him, and then knowing him as a basis representing him as his ambassadors to a fallen and ruined world.


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