working on new material

I’ve been posting a little bit less lately, but my hands (figuratively) and my head (literally) have been full, trying to tackle the book of James for the Oasis Bible Study.  I’m currently working on something for the blog that I believe is both prophetic and provocative.  More specifically, I’m writing about the current need for hope.  People are not happy with the way life is turning out and hope is what they need to carry them on to resolution.  Sadly, many Christian writers and thinkers are offering hope (can we use “encouragement” here too?) that is not Christ-centered and Gospel-rooted…AND THE CHRISTIANS ARE EATING IT UP!  Some folks are looking for the “Chicken-Soup-for-the-Soul”/pragmatic kind of hope, and others are looking for intellectual/pseudo-revelation hope, and the fact is, you can find whatever flavor of hope you desire.  But it won’t last.  You’ll be sampling other flavors soon enough.

People: we don’t need cleverness or comfiness – we need something greater than us…


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