Americans and the Gospel

Ed Stetzer quoted this is a recent blog post:

“Somebody once said, ‘The Gospel came to the Greeks and the Greeks turned it into a philosophy. The Gospel came to the Romans and the Romans turned it into a system. The Gospel came to the Europeans and the Europeans turned it into a culture. The Gospel came to America and the Americans turned it into a business.'”


4 thoughts on “Americans and the Gospel

  1. Colver says:

    On the surface this statement appears to be true. However, if one were take a closer look at how christians live you will find those who live and walk intimately with the master. I know for many have touched and changed my life.

    • Mark Aarstad says:

      I agree with you 100% but this statement is a generalization of the American church en masse over the course of the last fifty years or so. Thank the Lord there are always exceptions, a remnant, if you will! I do think that this comment reflects the realities presented in our Christian magazines, bookstores, conferences, etc., which have too often become frightfully commercial.

    • sean michael murphy says:

      just saw this – the quote was by Richard Halverson…

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