“but he did not invite Nathan the prophet or Benaiah or the mighty men or Solomon his brother.”

~ 1 Kings 1.10 [ESV]

King David was deep into the “winter” of his reign when his son Adonijah decided it was time to exalt himself.  Now we do need to stop here and learn: may GIGANTIC red flags start flapping all about when either we or someone in our camp starts “exalting” themselves (see verse 5 of the same chapter).  We simply do not decide for ourselves when we will be king.  Or pastor.  Or deacon.  Or teacher.  Or husband, for that matter.  God is the only authority in the universe, and whatever true authority exists apart from him isn’t really apart from him – it is delegated by him.  This is why Psalm 75 tells us that promotion doesn’t come to us from the horizontal dimension (north, east, south, west).

Once Adonijah had his self-exaltation project in full-swing, invitations were sent out.  Apparently the prophet Nathan and a few others didn’t qualify.  Have you ever been left out?  Maybe people decided you weren’t a right fit for their coffee and cake conferences.  Don’t get upset – you might just not be qualified to participate in the rebellion.  You might be a Nathan who will call things as God sees them (no self-exalter likes that!). You might be a Solomon, whose destiny stands in the way of their carnal desires.  You might be a  Benaiah, who refuses to bless what God promises to curse.  Or you might be a mighty man, whose loyalty lies with God’s appointment not man’s agenda.  Sign me up for that D-list any day!


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