Lazy Bones

Did you ever consider the idolatrous implications of laziness?  Are we worshipping the one, true God when we behave like this?

“It’s a fact: laziness is rooted in self-love.  It is the ability to take ourselves off the hook.  It is the willingness to permit ourselves not to do things we know we should do.  It is believing that good things should come our way without our having to work to get them.  It is opting for what is comfortable for ourselves rather than what is best for our spouse.  Laziness is always self-focused and self-excusing.  Laziness is undisciplined and unmotivated.  Laziness permits us to be passive when decisive loving action is needed.  Laziness allows us to avoid when we should be engaged.  Laziness expects more from others than we require from ourselves.  Laziness demands good things without being willing to invest in them.”

excerpted from What Did You Expect by Paul David Tripp


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