Pursuing the Precious

“How precious to me are your

thoughts, O God!

How vast is the sum of them!”

~ Psalm 139.17 [ESV]

What do we really value in life?  Our initial response to that question would probably entail the list of things that we know should be valued: health, family, etc.  But what is the true gauge of our passion if it isn’t our pursuits?  We pursue that which is valuable to us.  Almost everything we do is an act of pursuit.

Some of us pursue survival.  Status quo.  We like stability and because our bar is set so “low” we fail to see what we do as a pursuit of anything at all…but it is!  Others of us pursue pleasure, but because our idea of pleasure doesn’t include cabanas, a harem, and 12-year old single malt, we don’t recognize it.  Our pleasure can be as simple as a couch and a TV (and silence).

This list of pursuits could go on for far too long, but we’d miss the point: God’s thoughts should be valuable to us.  Many theologians are quick to point out that God doesn’t “think” as much as he “has thoughts” because thinking implies a process in which one acquires a conclusion or mental position previously lacking.  God is perfect – he has no lack.  He HAS thoughts, and they’re all flawless.  And his thoughts address all of life.

God has thoughts about your life and how you’ll spend it today.  Wouldn’t you like to know what they are?  Why not pursue him?


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