Kingdom Emergence – III

The church’s first “conveyance of the Kingdom” was a supernaturally delivered declaration of the true God’s mighty works.  Praise.  This was followed up with Peter’s sermon, addressed to the “house of Israel.”  On one level this fulfilled Jesus’ statement that once they received power, his disciples would be his witnesses in Jerusalem.  At the same time, this sermon could also serve as a sort of template for continued kingdom conveyance.  In the same way that “The Lord’s Prayer” is valuable not merely as rote prayer, but as a template for how to pray, this sermon reveals principles for kingdom preaching.

I – Peter is addressing the people of God first.  There is no reason to call pagans to repent until we have first called upon God’s people to do so.

II – Christ and him crucified is front and center.  Peter was not addressing the crowd’s quality of life and then showing how Jesus could make it all better; he was proclaiming the crucified Christ and showing his listeners how they were party to it.

III – Repentance is the objective.  And this has nothing to do with feeling bad about poor Jesus.  This doesn’t really have anything to do with agreeing with true statements about who Jesus is and what he did.  Peter was calling on God’s people to see Christ for who he is and live accordingly.  He was inviting them to join the 120 on “the Way” as it came to be known.  This would obviously mean abandoning the other ways in which they were walking.  Kingdom repentance demands we disavow our carnal citizenship (which can be highly religious) and embrace our allegiance to a new King…turning away and turning to, all in one movement!


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