Kingdom Emergence – II

It’s interesting to me that the church’s first conveyance of the Kingdom is in praise.  The “tongues” of Acts 2 were foreign languages, clearly understood by the travelers who were in Jerusalem, in proximity to those 120 disciples…”we hear them telling in our own tongues the mighty works of God.” This “Kingdom conveyance” is explicitly Christological and doxological, and not remotely intended to condemn or improve mankind.  Yet think about the primary themes of the contemporary church’s preachers and authors, are they not either directly condemning or encouraging humanity?

I am not suggesting that the people of God have nothing corrective or admonishing to say to the world.  Neither would I suggest that the word that we have received is void of hope and encouragement for humanity.  But when either of these themes becomes preeminent, what we’re left with is really not much more than secular humanism dressed up in Sunday clothes.  No, the initial and foremost message of the church – as a conveyance of God’s Kingdom – must be the glory and the wonder of our God!  And this message must be proclaimed in supernatural power as in Acts 2, not slick production values!


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